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The Floating Bench for the ladies and gentlemen’s spa at home

Gentle, ceramic radiant heat in the home spa – the uniquely comforting effect of heat storage ceramics and latest architectural design. The Ceramics Manufactory Sommerhuber has been living and creating this health-enhancing benefit of ceramic radiant heat for generations. The new, gracefully floating ceramic heat bench is available in two exclusive designs – round and soft or edged and straight-lined. The large area components meet the highest hygiene requirements and provide for optimal relaxation in a lying as well as seated position. Enjoying vitality and joie de vivre in the ladies and gentlemen’s spa.

The Floating Bench in the ladies spa – lightness & smooth shapes

The ladies spa with its velvety-soft, ceramic surfaces reflects the desire for bright and easy designs. The gentle smooth ceramics offer a special kind of experience of well-being. Elegant wall ceramics and the floating lying and seating areas do not only excel by means of aesthetics but also provide for unparalleled comfort and a soothing effect from head to toe.

The Floating Bench in the gentlemen’s spa – edged design & perfect relaxation

The gentlemen’s spa with the floating bench in the edged design version convinces with clean and straight-lined shape and style. By either leaning to the vertical heat storage ceramics or by enjoying overall relaxing comfort in a lying position – the body and soul experience pleasant cosiness.

Vitality and vigor via the ceramic touch

The mild ceramic radiant heat of the Sommerhuber heat storage ceramics is stress-relieving to the autonomic nervous system and so also to the body and the senses. It promotes blood circulation, relieves muscular tension and strengthens the immune system. The spa ceramics are available in 18 contemporary glazes. Ceramic radiant heat as an experience for the senses – design and sensuality perfectly united.

For detailed information, please see www.sommerhuber.com.