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SnowFALL Snow Showers – Cool down whenever and wherever you want

Especially in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, people use snow to cool down after enjoying the sauna. Advanced SnowFALL production technologies by SNOW-INDUSTRIES enable to produce natural real snow in ambient temperatures ranging between 0-40° Celsius. The sensation of melting snow on the skin is considerably more pleasant than that of ice produced by crushed ice machines that are commonly used in ice fountains. The underlying SnowFALL technology can be used for snow showers as well as snow fountains. It can also be used to create a snow room in ambient temperatures above 0° Celsius.

Snow showers are either open or closed areas where a continuous snowfall can be generated by pushing a button. When using SnowFALL snow-making technology, there is no need to cool down the area with a separate cooling system. The snow is simply produced from water and electricity – no chemical additives are used in this process either. Snow showers can be used in ambient temperatures of up +40° Celsius, independently from the season, the climate, or the geographical location. They are most commonly integrated as part of a spa treatment such as the traditional sauna or a sweat bath treatment where they are used as a very gentle way to cool down after the hot cycle. In addition to the benefits of the hot/cold treatment, melting snow on the skin is the best possible alternative for the cool-down process. Users prefer the sensation on the skin to all other traditional methods.

Types of use of SnowFALL show shower:

For the cool-down process after a hot treatment, snow showers offer a new and gentle alternative to Kneipp hoses, plunge pools, waterfall showers or crushed ice treatments. They can also easily be integrated into frigidariums. Depending on the technical specifications and ambient condition, it takes10-30 seconds for the snow fall to start after the snow shower has been activated by pushing a button. Depending on the personal preference of the user, the shower should last between 2-5 minutes.

Health benefits:

After a number of hot/cold treatments, the body is getting used to the different temperatures and goes through a very effective physiological temperature training. The body is now trained to effectively regulate the different thermological sensations and this enables various preventive and therapeutic treatments. Cooling down the body with a snow shower after exposing it to high temperatures is a very gentle alternative. The special sensation that melting snow creates on the skin also has a positive effect on the mood. Furthermore, the hot/cold treatment can result in the following positive effects:

  • Overall improvement of the body’s condition (e.g. respiratory system, flexibility in the joints, especially in cases of rheumatism or tense muscles, fat burning capabilities, the skin’s blood circulation, concentration)
  • strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • pain reduction
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • stress reduction to prevent insomnia


Snow showers can easily be integrated in almost any space within the spa area. They can be built either as a single block or a split unit construction. A split unit construction enables the easy installation of the snow shower into a false ceiling or at any ceiling or wall. The cooling technology can be integrated into a nearby utility area. Snow showers are simple to install and can be constructed as water or air cooling systems. They produce snow in ambient temperatures of 0-40° celsius. 

Design considerations:

There are almost no restrictions with regards to the individual design of the snow shower areas. They can be designed as an open space or with walls made of glass, natural stone or tiles. Sound or light effects can also be integrated. In addition to the individual design of the snow showers, the SnowFALL technology is completely customizable and can also be used for snow fountains or snow rooms with ambient temperatures above 0° Celsius.

How to use SnowFALL snow shower:

  1. HOT CYCLE – SAUNA/SWEAT BATH: depending on the physical condition approx. 12-15 minutes.
  2. COOL-DOWN CYCLE – SNOW SHOWER: enjoy the falling snow and the melting sensation on your skin. If some areas of your body are painful, you can also rub those with more snow. We suggest the treatment to last between 2-5 minutes.
  3. RELAXATION: rest for 15-20 minutes and let treatment work its magic.

Suggested repetition: 2-3 times, make sure to consume enough fluids during the whole time.