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Lux Elements® Tub-Pump for flush with the floor showers – even in old buildings

If you want to replace an old, raised shower pan with a flush with the floor shower when renovating an old bathroom, you may find that the structural conditions won’t allow this. In particular in old buildings, the connection point to the next soil stack is often a few centimetres too high, so that the necessary gradient is lacking.

Lux Elements has offered the solution to this problem since 2015 with the Tub-Pump product. The flush with the floor, tileable, hard foam shower base element with factory-milled slope features a built-in and sealed floor drain pump that pumps the water upwards into the existing drain pipe.

New to the range in 2018 is the 34 mm flatter Tub-Pump S variant, whose overall height is just 103 mm. These shower base elements are available in four standard sizes, square or rectangular, each 30/45 mm high. For the installation the product set is supplemented by two hard foam substrate elements in different heights. Depending on the installation situation, the installation height can be reduced by up to 20 mm by selecting the flatter substrate element.

The two-part, height-adjustable and tileable reversible grate makes two design variants possible – „tile“ or „stainless steel“ – by reversing the upward-facing surface.

The wish for a barrier-free, flush with the floor shower comes true with Tub-Pump.