Which products does the Unbescheiden GmbH manufacture and which types of therapy can they be used for?

The company offers a broad range of special equipment for spa, wellness and hydrotherapy, which allows practitioners to offer outstanding treatment, can be used in many different ways and is easy to handle.

  • SPA SENSATIONS hydrotherapy tub with automatic underwater massage: With up to 260 water jets, 50 air jets* and 150 light points in 8 changing colours*, the hydrotherapy tub CARACALLA offers a multi-facetted range of treatment options from fully automatic pre-programmed massage sequences to intense individual massages all the way to customised manual treatments.
  • SPA SENSATIONS dry floatation system: The JOUVENCE dry floatation system lets the patient lie on a firm air cushion which creates the perfect support when body wraps are applied, such as fango, fango and paraffin, peloids or moor mud. The air cushion then gently lowers the patient onto a heated water cushion. This floating state relaxes the body, stimulates the circulation and opens the pores.
  • SPA SENSATIONS wet massage table: The BALANCE wet massage table represents the culture of massages using water or oil to relax, regenerate and replenish your strength for the demands of everyday life. The technical features are subtly integrated into the design. The hand-held shower head is located at the edge of the table, and the water temperature is selected via a thermostat.
  • Vichy shower SUPÉRIEURE: Vichy Supérieure is perfectly suited for the requirements of traditional Vichy treatments. The lowered armrests, the opening for the head and the mattress cover allow the user to lie very comfortably. The five shower heads can be adjusted individually and switched off separately. The shower arm is either attached to the wall or – for the freestanding version – to the bench.
  • Dry hydrojet massage MEDYJET EVOLUTION: The dry hydro massage bed Medyjet Evolution offers a great variety of individual treatment options for a multitude of different institutions, such as spa areas and thermal baths, gyms and rehabilitation centres. During the treatment, the customer is positioned on a comfortable cover made from natural rubber on top of a tub filled with pleasantly heated water. Water nozzles placed below the cover along the customer‘s body are used for the application of a relaxing massage. As there is no direct contact with the water, treatment on the Medyjet Evolution can be carried out without the customer having to undress and is therefore easily to be administered.

In addition to these, jet showers, partial baths, combination units and further therapeutic equipment complete the range of products.

Which requirements are to be met for the installation of the products?

Technical and space requirements differ depending on the device itself and the optional features included. Please use the contact form for your questions and we will supply you with the necessary information.

Does the use of the equipment require medically trained professionals?

A specific medical training is not necessary for the use of the equipment in the spa sector. An in-depth instruction in the use of the units is, however, recommended. Each product is equipped with advanced technical solutions. They allow for optimal working conditions, offer premium treatment quality and are easy to handle to meet the requirements and preferences of the user. All systems are highly economical, the preparatory tasks before and after applications can be done very efficiently with time-saving automatic disinfection sequences which make everyday work much easier.

Where does the production of the equipment take place?

Unbescheiden GmbH is a family-operated business with a rich tradition. Ever since the company was first founded in 1869, the standards have remained the same: to offer clients outstanding quality and the utmost in functionality. The equipment is manufactured exclusively in Germany at our facility in Baden-Baden. In close conjunction with physicians, therapists and clients, Unbescheiden constantly enhances and adapts the function and design of our products to meet changing requirements.

Any more questions?

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