What are the special features of heat storage ceramics?

The features of our large-area heat storage ceramic are characterized by our major themes – design-hygiene-vitality.

  • Our large-area heat storage ceramics with its sensuous, velvety-soft surface is either straight lined for a clear design or ergonomically shaped for a perfect physical relaxation.
  • The large-area ceramic with only a few joints allows ideal hygienic maintenance.
  • The natural physical principle is: The longer the wave radiation, the more gentle and comfortable the radiant heat.
    The heat storage ceramics by Sommerhuber release warmth only as mild, long-wave infrared radiation. This gentle radiant heat has a soothing effect, boosts the circulation, dissolves muscle tensions and has a positive effect on the immune system.

What are the advantages of heat storage ceramics over tiles?

  • Tiles, which are 2-dimensional, are mainly used as flooring material, often in public areas, where they need to withstand high loads and usage. That’s why they need to be dense and therefore cannot store heat.
  • Heat storage ceramic is often 3-dimensional, following the shape of the human body. Because of its unique material characteristics it stores the heat and releases it slowly, in form of gentle infrared radiation, to the human body.

What is the ideal surface temperature for heat storage ceramics?

  • This differs with the intended use. In relaxing areas people consider a surface temperature e.g. of loungers of +/-34 °C as cozy, in steam rooms or warm dry rooms it’s between 40 – 45 °C.

How do I clean heat storage ceramics?

  • Clean ceramics with a clean and soft cloth. Do not use wire wool.
  • Exclusively use cleansing agents with a pH value from 5.0 – 9.0.

Who builds Spas with large area heat storage ceramics?

  • Spas are built by professional wellness/spa builders, experts in sanitary equipment or in tiled stoves that have been specially trained by us. We are happy to refer you to a partner near you.

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