What is the most effective way of aromatising a steam room?

  • The most effective way of aromatising a steam room is to inject the fragrance directly into the hot steam tube.

At which position do I have to inject the fragrance into the steam tube?

  • As close as possible to the steam outlet.
  • Avoid that aroma can flow back into steam generator (install steam tube with a slope to the steam outlet).
  • Do not dose the aroma into the condensation trap.

What kind of pump shall I use for the fragrance dosing in a steam room?

  • As the steam tube is a pressure-less system it makes sense to use a maintenance friendly, self-priming peristaltic pump instead of a diaphragm pump.
  • For the aromatisation of a shower for example peristaltic pumps are useless because of the pressure conditions. Peristaltic pumps are working until a counter-pressure of approx 1bar.

Do I have to use a pump with internal controller or a pump without controller?

  • This depends if the used steam generator has a control output to control the intervals and dosing time of an aroma pump.
  • If the generator has this option you can use an aroma pump without controller.
  • Then you just have to check if the control output of the generator is 24V or 230V?

What interval and dosing times do I have to set at the controller?

  • The answer to this question is hard to generalize as it depends from different aspects e.g. the size of the steam room and the intensity of the fragrance itself (mild or strong).
  • Furthermore fragrances are sensed very diverse. Women have a different sense than men for example. Therefore aroma has to be dosed always at the “sense-barrier”, very subtle and to too intensive.
  • Intervals between the single injections are absolutely necessary as the human brain adapts quite quick to a continuous penetration with aroma. This is a protection mechanism that has its root already in the early evolution of humans.

What kind of fragrance shall I use? Oil or emulsion?

  • The problem of emulsifying agents is that they are removing the softeners of the pump hoses. Furthermore an emulsion has a lower oil concentration and so the pump has to work more often to reach the same aromatisation effect. This leads to a higher wear of the hoses of the pumps and so to shorter maintenance intervals.

How do I have to calculate the air exchange rate in a steam room?

  • Air exchange rate has to be constant, min 5 times the volume of the steam room per hour (e.g. steam room 10m³ à min. 50m³/h).

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